Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandma Duty (Belated Report) 

As the late great Gilda Radner used to say when channeling Roseanne Roseannadana, it's always something.

My coping mechanism seems to involve rapid vacillation between the extremes of trying to do too much and flaking out entirely. Hence my long absence with only a few cryptic messages.

Here's the short version. In August, one of my twin grand-girlies, Marisa, banged her head in a playground mishap. They took her in for an x-ray and found no damage from the fall, BUT discovered that she had a fairly serious case of Arnold-Chiari Syndrome, where parts of her brain were growing down into her spinal column, blocking the normal flow of spinal fluid and creating cysts that would eventually cause paralysis.

Once they had a surgery date set, plans were put in motion for me to come up and act as medical translator and general helper-outer. I'm not going to pretend that I was just too busy making preparations to be gone for up to two weeks to post anything. My radio silence was partly because I didn't know how to relate all this without making it sound like it was all about me, and partly because I was just quietly freaking out. Also there have been some really good TV shows on....

But seriously. I came up last Tuesday to be present at the pre-op assessment. After a LONG day of waiting (the surgery just before hers went into overtime), Marisa had her giant brain squished back into place Wednesday. She was in the PICU at Childrens' Hospital (NICE facility, btw) about 18 hours, then got moved to her own room. Her recovery is going along like gangbusters and she may get to come home as soon as tomorrow!

Back to it being all about me -- I tried to set-up my horrible HP laptop (recovered from its FIFTH major crash!) with all my backlogged email and the sites I try to keep up with. But I really haven't been keeping up or catching up all that well yet. So if I missed something really really important you think I should know about, let me know, and I will try to report in more regularly as well.

Marisa and friend at Childrens' Hospital Gift Shop

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kitteh! And stuff. 

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time! And I can't even say for sure when I will be doing it again steadily. One day at a time, I guess.

Anyway, for those who only saw the tweets about our new kitteh, and not the Facebook stuff, (or neither!) here it is!

We were starting the return trip home from our End of Summer/Back to School Shopping trip in Amarillo, but we had one more stop to make for TheClone, at Michael's, the craft store. MrMike and I didn't really feel like shopping for crafts, but there was a Petco next door, so we went there.

The local SPCA had a display of adoptable animals there, and amazingly enough, it was the first day for a kitty with a neck ruff, a floofy tail, and tufts at her ears and between her toe pads, the traits of a Maine Coon type cat. Both Paws and Souvenir of happy memory were of this type, and we are hooked on their great personalities.

MrMike and I both held the kitteh for a bit, then we put her back so I could start the interview and paperwork. She had been tense while we held her, but after being back in her box a few minutes, she started trying to reach out to us through the screen! That was a good sign!

They agreed to the interstate adoption and gave us a cardboard box with holes in it to transport her for the four hour trip home. You know how some cats go mental in cars? With this one (quickly named Amarillo), we opened the box to see what would happen, once we had all the doors shut. She was perfectly content to just lay there in her box with MrMike petting her now and then!

She is about 1 1/2 years old. Her story is the same old sad song, former owners who latched onto a cute kitten one summer and were shocked, SHOCKED! when she produced six kittens the next. Solution: dump her and her babies at a shelter (and probably start over, if I know the type).

Once we got home, we grabbed a quick pic, showed her where the food and facilities are, and turned her loose. That was Sunday evening. Understandably, she has made herself scarce. Not only has she moved from a small cage to a giant two story house full of Stuff (and many hiding places) but there are two cats and two dogs to figure out how to interact with. We catch a glimpse of her several times a day, and I have set out her own source of food and water in the basement, which she seems to prefer because she only has to share it with the other cats a little bit. She does come upstairs some, though, and I think pretty soon she will have enough confidence to start getting to know her new family.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Twitters (Apr. 25 - May 13) 

*This is why we can't have nice things. RT @kcdem High winds are expected in SE Colorado this afternoon. Open burning is strongly discouraged 11:07 AM May 13th from web

*Cost: 112 miles + 3.5 hrs per rescued baby squirrel (plus gas). Family fun & satisfaction: priceless! 11:55 AM May 12th from web

*In Pueblo, just drove 2 orphan bb squirrels here to Nature Center. So cute! Pix later when we get back home. 7:19 PM May 11th from txt

*Weird. Whenever the outside temps are around 53-56 degrees, our internet connection goes all wonky. Coincidence or EVIL PLOT???? 1:18 PM May 10th from web

*Survived getting up early and constructing the parade sign. My new idea worked out pretty well! Now, the open house, then home to collapse! 12:49 PM May 9th from web

*I have to make a SIGN today, to put in the back of a pickup in tomorrow's Lamar Days parade. It will be a WONDER if nothing (else) goes wron 12:19 PM May 8th from web

*A new batch of hatchlings is peeping in the wall. Missed my chance to block it up AGAIN this year. Are you suprised? Didn't think so. 2:08 PM May 7th from web

*RT from my truck drivin' son @warriorpoettkr Going over Donner Pass, a thought struck me. "I'm hungry" 4:18 PM May 5th from web

*Guacamole for breakfast, thanks to TheClone! No, you can't have her, she's mine! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 12:36 PM May 5th from web

*Not sick enough to think I have the flu. Probably just a real nasty cold. So long as it doesn't morph into bronchitis, I'll be happy. :/ 5:59 PM May 3rd from web

*It is hard to work when you are sick AND you have All-Star Dog Wrestling going on under your chair. Excuse to go back to bed? Pleeze? 10:42 AM May 2nd from web

*Oh noes, I'ze sick. Probably just a cold, but could turn into the Whiny Flu v easily. TheClone made me turkey noodle soup, which helped. 12:53 PM May 1st from web

*RT @chandlerazMD RTing @mashable: Funny: "First 100 Days of Obama's Facebook News Feed" - (Hysterical!) 12:27 PM Apr 30th from web

*Poppy thinks brushing is a hilarious game. Except I have made her aware she is itchy under her XXL winter coat. See the nibbly pretzel dog! 2:36 PM Apr 29th from web

*Last night's mystery birds MIGHT have been glossy ibises, 2000+ miles from home. I made a page of my pics HERE ? 5:48 PM Apr 28th from web

*Can you ID this bird? A flock of them were in the alfalfa field (under irrigation) across from my house this aft. 8:12 PM Apr 27th from web

*One of the kids at the fishing contest gave us a trout! Not bad for a free fish, but I still like salmon best. Fun day, pics to come! 8:18 PM Apr 26th from web

*Getting ready to head out with MrMike to a kids' fishing day as DeptOWildlife volunteers. Gorgeous day! Wearing my trout hat. 10:45 AM Apr 26th from web

*My first DoWildlife volunteer task: Check the dead owl in the field across the road for leg bands, then dispose of remains. Poor thing. 12:46 PM Apr 25th from web

*Unexpected Happenings Saturday! Big ones so far: BigSterling dropped in, + someone just called offering us free space to open a book store! 11:21 AM Apr 25th from web

Vintage Twitters (Apr. 16 - Apr. 24) 

*Dog in training logic: Peeing on the floor = bad. So maybe peeing OFF the floor (in a bed) = OK? (Answer: Not so much.) *SIGH* 12:19 PM Apr 24th from web

*My uncle warns via email I've reached my snapdragon phase. Part of me has snapped and the rest of me is draggin'. (Funny because it's true.) 10:39 AM Apr 24th from web

*HA! SandyCat just tried to sneak a peek out the kitchen window from off-limits counter. Stepped on the can-opener top & scared herself off! 9:43 AM Apr 24th from web

*Some new bird started singing here around midnight and is still going. It has an amazing range and tone! Wonder if I could find it to vid? 9:15 AM Apr 24th from web

*MrMike and I are off to a wildlife transport training with the DOW. If I tweet from there, I'll try not to mess up like last night. 6:37 PM Apr 23rd from web

*Home from meeting. Phone still smarter than me because IT did not volunteer to help with a project which is likely doomed from the start. 10:16 PM Apr 22nd from web

*Meeting is down to 'why do peeps beyond city limits pay double?' answer seems to be 'because'. 8:23 PM Apr 22nd from txt

*What 7:29 PM Apr 22nd from txt

*Sorry about that last message. I messed up. Not yet smarter than the phone. 7:17 PM Apr 22nd from txt

*Meet 7:08 PM Apr 22nd from txt

*Wow, good thing I picked today to update my calendar. There's a special meeting of the water/sewer association TONIGHT! 4:37 PM Apr 22nd from web

*??? 16 years ago, Earth Day was also a ? birth day ?! It's a better Earth with my grandboy ZackAttack on it! ??? 12:26 PM Apr 22nd from web

*Off to simplify life. BRB. Or not.... 10:13 AM Apr 21st from web

*I almost forgot! Today is TheClone's and my Houseiversary! We signed off to live under the Sign of the Three White Cats on this day in 1984! 5:26 PM Apr 20th from web

*Watched the 1st ep of Eureka on DVD last night. That was pretty good. It seems to be on Hulu too. Hmm, continue with them or Netflix? 10:55 AM Apr 19th from web

*TheClone's car is out of the shop, and the weather MIGHT be clearing up, but I'm still glad HQ postponed tomorrow's Dem-inar in Pueblo. 1:31 AM Apr 18th from web

*Raining like crazycakes outside, 1/2" since 8pm. This.Never.Happens. How am I going to sleep with the heebie jeebie feelins running rampant? 1:39 AM Apr 17th from web

*Twitter is great, but remember to beware of twoaxes, like this (hilarious) one! 6:16 PM Apr 16th from web

Vintage Twitters (Mar. 30 - Apr. 15) 

*I did not know there is a neighborhood in Pueblo CO called Fearnowville! But now I do, and you do too! 10:53 PM Apr 15th from web

*I pay taxes because banding together to help your neighbors and improve life for all is one of the oldest American traditions. #teaparty 11:28 AM Apr 15th from web

*Taxes done! Dancing in the streets may commence! 4:30 PM Apr 14th from web

*All figures cross-checked, cross-examined, cross-hatched etc. Time now to attempt the dreaded double e-file with backflip! 2:08 PM Apr 14th from web

*Stage 1 drops away! Finished our 1065 and K-1s (biz partnership income)! Now on to the 1040 and CO state for TheClone. 1:02 PM Apr 14th from web

*Early results suggest we are getting back a modest refund, which is EVER so much better than having to pony up! I'll rest and finish in AM. 7:57 PM Apr 13th from web

*For my 2008 mileage driving to the PO, I could have made a round trip to Houston, Memphis, St Louis or even to Mexico or VEGAS, baby! *sigh* 3:09 PM Apr 13th from web

*Found! TheClone's IRS 1040 book they mailed us + all the piddly forms. PRINTED! Two copies of biz income stats for 2008. Watch my dust now! 1:35 PM Apr 13th from web

*Hey, I hear Tax Day is coming up pretty soon. Probably I should get started on that, huh? 8:50 AM Apr 13th from web

*Whoops. I got some sweet potato peelings on my mechanical alligator! 1:13 PM Apr 12th from web

*Wow, Poppy slipped out the door on me, but then CAME BACK WHEN I CALLED HER! That's a first! What a good girl! 12:55 PM Apr 12th from web

*Yay, another day of MOISTURE. MrMike's eating yellow Easter loot, dogs are chewing Easter bones, ham's cooking. Wishing you all a good day 2 12:02 PM Apr 12th from web

*Cool! 1963 Whippet, yearbook from a TINY Kansas town (selling 4 our library). Just one reason I love bookdealing! 1:14 PM Apr 11th from web

*OMG! A recipe I found for Cinnamon-Raisin-Banana Bread Pudding! Easy and not too sugary! Oh, yes, it will be mine. 12:02 PM Apr 11th from web

*As soon as I finish packing the box of trophy parts, I can go mail, and then I'm off the clock until Monday! Still busy, but no timed events 1:13 PM Apr 9th from web

*RT my friend @chandlerazMD Lamar, Colorado on CNN for its Main Street stimulus. Creative thinking..... [Ill have to go look for the link!] 11:56 AM Apr 8th from web

*Trying to get organized today. It's kind of like a dog trying to write a sonata. Except not so melodic. 12:25 PM Apr 7th from web

*Trying really hard to stay in denial right now. I have too much to do this week to get sick. Way too much, really, kthnxbai. 6:39 PM Mar 30th from web

*Waah, Monday is on MY side, touching me! It's not FAAAAAIR!!! 11:53 AM Mar 30th from web

Vintage Twitters (Mar. 26 - Mar. 28, spring blizzard) 

*A short photo overview of #COblizzard09 from my house here: 2:38 PM Mar 28th from web

*#COblizzard09 left us attic souvenirs. Is this a wet bird nest that used to be in the stove pipe? Time will tell. 1:55 PM Mar 28th from web

*Blue sky showing at sunset. Looks like #COblizzard09 is over in Prowers County. Now for the fun part, digging out. 7:45 PM Mar 27th from web

*Yikes! TheClone heard snowmelt dripping in the plastic cover where the old stove pipe was. Disaster averted with quick action. #COblizzard09 4:06 PM Mar 27th from web

*Snow still snowing, wind down for the moment. Sesame Tree says, "Send help!" #COblizzard09 10:48 AM Mar 27th from web

*Did you know there are many Emergency Depts tweeting? Search [YourCounty]dem or FEMAregion* Be among the first to get alerts! #followfriday 10:12 AM Mar 27th from web

*RT @Bacadem US hwy 287 is closed southbound from Lamar to State Line #COblizzard09 10:01 AM Mar 27th from web

*Snow levels very wind-sculpted here in Lamar, another 8-12" forecast. Nimby looks on in disgust. #COblizzard09 9:29 AM Mar 27th from web

*Dreamcloud on guard in the fading light at the storm front. Wind chill 10?, wind 28-35 mph BRRR! #COblizzard09 7:08 PM Mar 26th from web

*On my way to town saw the neighbors blanketing their horses. The brave crosswalk moms of Lincoln Elem wer cold but on the job! #COblizzard09 5:01 PM Mar 26th from web

*Earlier, SandyCat came in meowing complaints, altering her minion (me) that the backdoor had blown open & was letting COLD in! #COblizzard09 4:55 PM Mar 26th from web

*TheClone & I are home safe w/ meds, baking soda et al. Both cars parked by the road, remembering what happened LAST blizzard. #COblizzard09 4:46 PM Mar 26th from web

*RT @govritter Gov. Ritter has issued a disaster declaration due to today's blizzard: #COblizzard09 O NOES, SNOES!!! 2:36 PM Mar 26th from web

*NOAA radar says crab claws of snow about to close on Lamar. IrisAlert says schools are closed for tomorrow. MrMike says YAY! #COblizzard09 1:53 PM Mar 26th from web

*Drat! Forgot to refill 1 med yesterday. Now I have to hope the clinic can fill it before we get snowed in! #COblizzard09 11:34 AM Mar 26th from web

Vintage Twitters (Mar. 22 - Mar. 25, a few rough days) 

*Who was a good boy? Cowboy was. 1996(?)-2009 Thanks for picking us way back when, bud. 8:04 PM Mar 25th from web

*Qs have been A'd. Now I can send my DNA sample swabs in to see if I'm enough like my BB Sisto to loan her some bone marrow. NOT using Fedex! 10:21 AM Mar 25th from web

*Fedex blithely says I can send a package by just writing my CC# on the shipping label. Yeah, THAT'S gonna happen. 9:32 AM Mar 25th from web

*Despite being busy with my pic project, today was not so grate aktualy. Tomorrow is likely to suck even worse. Thursday a blizzard is coming 12:56 AM Mar 25th from web

*The theme of this photo contest is Water to Fuel Our Future. This is the one of mine I like best for it. 12:51 PM Mar 24th from web

*MrMike took this one. We had a family photo picnic at John Martin Reservoir last night, for the contest. 11:27 AM Mar 24th from web

*Don't NEED a better printer, even though I WISH I did. Sux to be a responsible adult sometimes. 11:24 AM Mar 24th from web

*I'm choosing and printing pics that MUST be mailed today to make the contest deadline. I forecast flurries of TinyURLs the rest of the day. 11:00 AM Mar 24th from web

*Home again! Wind-blown, dust-encrusted, zosted and vertiginous from driving paths like this: But it was very cool! 7:03 PM Mar 22nd from web

*Heading off on a HistSoc field trip to see petrified forest remains, old homestead cabin + more! Will take many amazing pics! 12:36 PM Mar 22nd from web

Vintage Twitters (Mar. 15 - Mar. 22) 

*Twitter typing this AM has improved my mood AND my sore hands. (Aspirin helped too.) Now leaving Querulous for Somewhat Resigned. But BLAH!! 10:38 AM Mar 22nd from web

*RT @eBayqueen "too cool.. find people near you.." ? I should not be looking at things like that when I'm ZOSTED. 7:25 PM Mar 21st from web

*Dog gate done, or at least done enough. Arms falling off, back says good riddance. Must go take 6 hour hot bath now. Will try to not drown. 7:06 PM Mar 21st from web

*Whose stupid idea was this to build and replace the dog gate? Whose stupid idea was it to have dogs? And a house? BLAH, I say to you!!! ?? 1:53 PM Mar 21st from web

*Today's Final Results: My carefully squared-up dog gate? A-OK? The hole it should fit it? Hinge post is CROOKED. Tomorrow = retrofitting. :/ 12:32 AM Mar 21st from web

*Just had gigglefit over yesterday's gate-making task where I was 'nailing', 'screwing', 'drilling' and 'handling wood'. I am so 12 sometimes 10:58 AM Mar 20th from web

*Apparently every existent species of plant life outside my house is KA-BLOOMING. Also we have intermit instead of internet. Sux to be us. 10:06 AM Mar 20th from web

*My drill battery is all drained out and so am I. Will have to finish the dog gate tomorrow. (Oops, so tired I forgot to click the button!) 11:17 PM Mar 19th from web

*Going out under the allergy sky to do battle with the forces of entropy & build me a damn dog gate. At least I didn't have to go to La Junta 1:11 PM Mar 19th from web

*Our harrow rake is here! Harrow-ray!! Now to haul the riding mower out, recharge the battery, and get raking! 12:28 PM Mar 18th from web

*FailDay continues.Trying a 3rd med for Cowboy + another cortisone shot. But I have a bad feeling we cant keep sweeping back the tide of time 3:32 PM Mar 17th from web

*Rotten day yesterday. Today starts with Poppy digging out under the pen fence & 97 spam posts to my blog. Waiting for next 63 shoes to drop. 10:43 AM Mar 17th from web

*9736 minutes until MrMike goes back to school. That's several million in Mom years. 12:53 PM Mar 16th from web

*Cleaning and rederanging my tool area in the laundry room. There's no job that can't be made more difficult with plenty of dog help. 2:30 PM Mar 15th from web

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fried Susan with CatchUp: Wild Things, They R Here 

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to start something again when it's been stopped for a while?

At least the magic of Twitter has assured everyone I'm not dead. Ineffectually busy and pretty boring, but not dead.

I'm going to try a new version of catching up, which will at least help me have a journally record of what's been going on. Today, wildlife.

In the interest of exposing MrMike to new people and interests, we signed up to be volunteers for the Department of Wildlife. So far we have helped at a little fishing derby

(which got him all jazzed up to try it himself, which we are doing Saturday) and given these guys

a ride to the Nature Center in Pueblo.

They really logged some miles, for squirrels. A lady in Rocky Ford had noticed them under a bush in her yard, where they huddled for a whole day. Then her cat, who had recently produced her own wee ones, brought one in by the scruff, as if to say, "Well, for goodness sake, SOMEONE needs to step up here!"

The lady took them to the closest place she knew of, the animal shelter in La Junta. They called the Wildlife people, who (not knowing exactly where Lamar WAS) called me. We decided we might as well make a family adventure out of it, so we drove to La Junta in the Squambulance and then on to Pueblo, where we met up with the DoW person in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby.

(Sidebar: And now I want THIS!)

It's a four drawer lampstand thingie. We need it, and I will soon reveal WHY. I HOPE soon....

Since the squirrels weren't TOO young and to my rabbit-experience touch seemed not too depleted yet, I have hopes we will hear good news of them when MrMike and I go to the Raptor Handling class in June.

The other big wildlife thing was the Ibis ID Incident. When the alfalfa field across the road was being irrigated for the first time this spring, a flock of birds I'd never seen showed up, right at a convenient time for me to photograph them. Asking around various groups of people got a spirited discussion going of whether these were sorta kinda local White-faced Ibis, or rare Glossy Ibis that belonged out on the east coast.

You can see the pics and read the conclusions of the Colorado Birding Society here:

Even though it would mean they were astoundingly far from home, I had thought there was a CHANCE these were Glossies. Maybe a breeding pair or two had been blown way out here by hurricanes, and they had followed other wading birds' examples to stay alive and nest and all, but were flying up and down the rivers, trying to find their way back to their ancestral home.

TheClone says I watched too much Battlestar Galactica.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two St. Patrick's Day videos for you! 

Before I head out to break the escaping heart of Poppy the Digging Machine (IOW, to fix the dog pen), here are two celebratory vids!

"Oh boy...oh boy.....oh Danny."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Top Ten+ Twitters of the Week 

(At least I remembered to do it on Monday this week!)

*Cloneless & swamped with multiple small but annoying customer problems. Deal with a Chinese buyer more messed up by the day. I'm even more ? 5:25 PM Mar 9th from web

*MrMike's school starting at ll next 3 days. Right now getting the blow-by-blow color commentary as he gets ready. He was such a quiet baby. 10:17 AM Mar 10th from web

*Waiting to hear from my Chinese Ansel Adams book buyer. Getting into work clothes (no bra) to tempt Fate to make him email not helping. Yet. 1:15 PM Mar 10th from web

*International customers are not my favorites today. I suppose I should be grateful for any customers at all, but SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE! *fumes* 2:47 PM Mar 10th from web

*A CLONE AT LAST! 11:45 PM Mar 10th from web

*Dreamcloud is home, sipping injector cleaner. MrMike and I got trimmed and floofed by the LCC comso students. I feel like a poodle. 12:19 PM Mar 11th from web

*This Just In: MrMike (a teen) "does not like naggers!" He likes blackmailers who dangle his driving privileges at him even less. Heh. 9:43 AM Mar 12th from web

*Check out this great article about how people are using the "grass-mud horse" story to fight Chinese censorship! 12:24 PM Mar 12th from web

*Fri the 13th is on. I bumped into a sharp shelf corner while trying not to step on the dog. Almost pre-qualified for a nipple piercing. Ow. 8:38 AM Mar 13th from web

*Suddenly involved in a weird threesome. PaintyCat on my lap licking me, Poppy licking her. Painty purrs, except when Poppy slips & nibbles. 10:28 AM Mar 13th from web

*Alternate Universe Day! I was the first one up (weird!), and THEN MrMike volunteered to make me a bagel for breakfast! OoooWWWEEEEoooo! 0.o 9:25 AM Mar 14th from web

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top Ten Twitters of the Week! 

*Poppy home & okay, but curses my inevitable betrayal. Sad dog eyes x ? My knees say I SUCK AND I am an IRIOT. Going to wash car seat now. ?! 3:03 PM Mar 3rd from web

*300 mil y/o fossilized brain found! Sadly, it's not mine, but a ghost shark's. Maybe I can borrow it. @DenverChannel 9:44 AM Mar 4th from web

*It's Always Something Dept: Poor Cowboy and his newest arthritis med are incompatible. "Gastric distress", to be genteel about it. 6:21 PM Mar 5th from web

*Cowboy drank half his broth this am, whew! I was scared when he wouldn't eat last night! He's a dog who ?s his dinner time! 12:24 PM Mar 6th from web

*Strange meteorological phenomenon this aft: About 20 drops of water FELL from the SKY! How bizarre is that? And yet, oddly familiar....? 6:42 PM Mar 6th from web

*Thriftway had Muenster cheese for $1.99/lb! GUESS what we are having for our very delicious lunch? Are you jealous IN THE TREE? 11:52 AM Mar 7th from web

*? The Trucker That Rules The Mall is here, grabbing up his personal effects to reload the cab of his new truck from his latest employer. ? 9:32 PM Mar 7th from web

*TheClone is going away with MuseumBoss today for a 2 day software seminar. This defies natural order. I am quietly freaking, MrMike loudly. 9:53 AM Mar 8th from web

*Poppy's newest nickname is "Clifford's Little Sister". Means the same as "One-dog Destructo Team!" 1:15 PM Mar 8th from web

*All our ends are loose. MrMike and I are all frazzled because TheClone has gone to Denver for TWO WHOLE DAYS! Woe! 6:55 PM Mar 8th from web

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