Sunday, February 18, 2007

This week 

When we were going to school Wednesday, we heard the tire making a weird bumping noise on the ice. Mom got out at school and said, "Oh, no! That tire's been broken!" The rim was sticking out a lot!

On Friday we went out to eat at the restaurant nearby the railroad tracks. You know me, I love those trains and you never know, a train might come! Like a mixed freight or passengers or something like that. From inside, we saw the arm crossing gate was broken! I hope it didn't hit anyone. We saw a policeman looking at it. For my dinner I ate dumplings. I just love them, it's my favorite Chinese food.

Also on Friday I got my new video camera. It does videos AND pictures AND sounds. It was my early birthday present. I am still practicing with it. I might take some good BNSF pictures or the Amtrak train.

Saturday my nose kept on bugging me. It's just a runny nose, but yesterday I was saying that I wasn't feeling that good.

Today I was playing with my Sim City 4 like I always do sometimes. I found out if you drive your mixed freight that says Santa Fe to the arrow, you get a Space Port! What you have to do is built cities, add in schools, jobs, and factories and hospitals and a fire station and police station.

Tomorrow morning at 7:00 playing games starts! It's a holiday!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Special days 

I love Valentine's Day! It always comes around every year just before my birthday. That means I will be changing into 15!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Substitute teacher 

On seventh hour, know what they did? They took the substitute teacher out! She was going to have a baby! They had to take her to the hospital to help the baby climb out. So Mrs. Sh did fluency instead of the sub.

We also had a substitute for Mrs. Gr and Mrs Wz.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday 

On Tuesday seventh hour I was mad at Jose for making a hole in my jacket. He is so much a pain in the butt. Mrs Wz had to send him to the office for shoving me with his stupid foot. But I am still mad today.

Today, Wednesday, was a little bit of good. I had pizza for lunch with a salad and milk. I was sitting with Lance, because he is really nice sometimes. I don't know about Austin. Sometimes he is a little cuss-y, and says those little cuss words out of his mouth. Sometimes I don't like that very much. Sometimes they always argue with each other. After I was done with lunch I went to the library to be with Caro, like I always do.

Wednesday is when I get out at 2. Caro had meetings so I was looking at roller coasters online. I was at to try to check their opening day for that new ride. But they didn't show it yet.

Every night I always take that same old boring shower. So I have to go now.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Conrail to school! 

First thing this morning I did what I always do, get ready for school and all that stuff. Then I put on my Conrail jacket to wear to school. I was nice all weekend so Mom let me wear it to school. My friends were jealous! My best friend Victoria really liked it. She was freaked out and jealous. I wore it all day and it kept me warm. I hope I get a chance to wear it all the time because it's my favorite. Because it's a train jacket.

Today I lost my tag thing that we wear to let us in the building. Someone swiped it! I was very very very mad. Tartar sauce! (That's what I always say when I'm mad.) It does have my name on there so maybe I will get it back. I hope so.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I love watching television. I watch TV sometimes, but sometimes they have those crazy stupid grown-up shows I don't like. So sometimes I watch videos and DVDs, like Conrail.

Today I watched a video about polar bears in the Denver zoo. The mother polar bear didn't know how to take care of her two cubs. So the zoo people gave them some milk and played with them and stuff. Polar bears can swim in water and eat a fish!

The bears were named Klondike and Snow. When they grew up they took them to Sea World in Florida. They could not keep them in Denver. I loved that video!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

School stuff 

I was having a good day this morning. I went to first hour with Mrs. Gr.

I went to Mrs. Wz who I have math with. Then I got dressed for PE. I have Ms. Ch for weights. After PE, I came back and got dressed for another class, Art. Art is fun, fun, in the bun. In the rain.

Fifth hour I have Mr. O for Social Studies. After that I had lunch at school like I always do. Sometimes they have pizza! My favorite!

After I was done eating I went to do some drawing in the library until my next class, sixth hour. That is Science with Ms. Cr. After Science I have Mrs. Wz again. What we have to do is reading. It is called fluency. I had to bring some home to do and I was not that happy. I hate homework. Homework sucks.

But it is done now, so in a minute I am going to play on my computer, first a learning game and then Train Simulator, that lets you drive the train around. Like mixed freight and all that stuff.

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