Thursday, June 28, 2007


(I forgot to post these for Mike!)

Rain and hail! (June 26)

First it was just sprinkling a little bit. Then it started to rain really hard! We were going to work in our garden but we are stuck inside.

It started to hail! And I heard the tornado siren! We were under a tornado warning and I was a little nervous about my friend Greg. Then the hail stopped. My mom did a report for weather spotters about the hail.

It has stopped hailing but I can hear thunder outside.

Susan's garden (June 27)

Today I was using the electric tiller to mix the dirt and loosen it so Susan could dig out roots, so they won't be there all the time and be a big pain. The dirt was so soft because of the rain. We had a lot of it yesterday, almost 3 inches. Yikes!

Another thing I did was sorting my books and tapes. Some tapes I will keep and some I don't want. I will try to sell them to earn me some money. I am trying to save up my money to get me a NASCAR jacket or something.

Next week Monday my new game might come in the mail. It is called Trainz Driver. Next week Tuesday we are going to be gone to go see my sister and a concert, if I feel like it. And also to get my kitten. I might name it after Sandy the Squirrel from Spongebob Squarepants. I always watch it all the time! Because Spongebob is so funny!

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