Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tornado Project 

This is a picture of my tornado project. It tells about how we went to Weather Spotter training and all about tornadoes. Like the scale with EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4 and EF5, which is very evil.

Here I am making a tornado in the bottle to show the judges.

Project Fair is so much fun! I brought home a trophy! AND you get to play games at the Project Fair. Greg was there with me at the Project Fair because our whole class went. We had lunch there too. They had pizza!

Yesterday at school I got frightened because we had a bomb threat! I don't know why people do something stupid like that. They think it's a joke but it's not! We were in the middle of doing art class and suddenly they had to tell us to walk towards the school field. I was scared. I saw the police cars directing traffic away to make them go around. Then Susan came to pick me up from school.

Before we went home, we went to go get some sand from the side of the road. It's for our rock garden. We had a bin and filled it halfway up. It was SO HEAVY we almost couldn't get it! I put it in the garden later on. I want to work on it some more today, but it's really windy, because we are supposed to get thunderstorms.

I am so excited because we got a BIG TV controller yesterday. The keys glow in the dark! It lets me play the VCR and change channels and it's VERY big so you can't lose it! I will show you a picture of me and the big controller after Susan gets a chance to take a picture of it.

nice Tornado work!

Does your giant remote control look like this one?
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