Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prison trip 

Yesterday we got on Bus 18 to take us on our prison trip. The bus driver had to go to her house and change her shoes because they wouldn't let her in prison with sandals. That's their rules.

We started heading towards the rain in the west. Then it started to hail! It was making a lot of noise! It made me feel crazy and wild!

It was still raining when we got to Las Animas. Then we got off Highway 50 and turned, heading towards the prison. The bus driver was trying to figure out where to park.

Inside you have to take your shoes off to walk through the metal detector. Then you can put your shoes back on.

We had to wait for Mrs. O to sign papers and then we went into the room where they talk to you about prison stuff. A guy named Mike (like me! That is weird!) talked first. They took us to the cells where they stay and then after that we went outside a little bit to see their exercise yard. Then we went back in.

The prisoners told us about their life stories so us kids won't have to go to prison. Then we had lunch. After lunch we saw a video where a boy was drinking and driving. It had a sad part in it when he crashed. His girlfriend was bleeding everywhere and they called 911 and the ambulance and the fire truck and the police car but she died. Susan was crying.

Afterwards we headed back to good old Lamar, Colorado.

Back at school they called me out of class for a meeting. It was about high school stuff. I picked some classes I wanted to take, like Art and Wood and Word Processing. That's tasty! I will also have Math and PE. I like PE a lot. My best friend Greg is going to high school too next year, with me. We are being best buds.

I am a little nervous about high school next year. Sometimes I am worried about the bigger kids because sometimes what they do is tease and be a bully. I don't like it, not one little bit.

Susan and I got our hair cut today. Greg might be freaked out by my hair tomorrow!

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