Sunday, December 31, 2006

More storm pictures! 

I have new pictures today for my storm stories. You can see all the snow. I took the pictures from inside the house. I did not go outside because it in the morning it was too cold!

Later I went out. It was really deep! Susan took pictures of the snow and me and my dog Climber.

Climber was trying to climb up the snow drift heading towards me!

Here is Climber looking for rescue!

The icicle was hanging down so I took its picture for fun.

I took this picture of the snow from the inside of the house.

Happy New Year because it's almost 2007! Yikes!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Storm Stories! 

It is snowing. It is blowing hard. We are stuck in the house by drifts of snow! We had to use the shovel to get it off our back porch so the dogs could go out.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Pictures I took yesterday 

Here are four pictures I took yesterday. It was me taking them with Mom's camera.

The first picture I took was of cows eating their food. I see them all the time when I am on the school bus.

This is the signal that makes the dinging sound so you know a train is coming.

This is before the storm that was coming. I could feel the snow with my tongue. I just always trust my instincts, you know?

This is my favorite one, of the siding in the snow nearby the train co-op.

Today it is blowing really hard. The snow has been blowing everywhere. The front porch got covered up by snow and the back porch too.

Beware, I will start adding more pictures!

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