Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holy Spray-on Haircolor! 

Tonight was the long awaited post-Halloween party and dance. And here he is!


They had sold out of regular black make-up when we went to check, but the spray on hair color worked just fine...and MOSTLY washed out, although he has enough around his eyes still that he very much looks like the son of Capt. Jack Sparrow after a bender....

He enjoyed himself immensely, making bat noises and flapping to astonish his friends and teachers. So his first dance was a success!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Michael Day! 

As you may recall, today is a holiday at our house. It's the anniversary of the day we officially adopted Mike! So in a little while we are heading out to enjoy a feast of Lamar's finest pizza at Pizza Hut!

In celebration I have got myself in gear for a change and finished a webpage I meant to do in...September? There had been a fire in an empty house just off the street we use when going to or coming home from town. You could see the smoke an actual mile away at our place! A few days after the fire, Caro took Mike home from his weekly library visit while I finished running errands. He had the camera with him to take pictures of the coal-plant construction, so when they went to check out the smoldering remains, he took some shots there too.

I would think these are pretty good shots even if I was NOT Mike's mom!

Mike's Fire Page

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