Thursday, June 08, 2006


Another beauty from! A 1942 vision of...


And while I am pic spamming, here is Stage 1 of the Mike Hair Project, which we plan to finish tonight.

Determined face 

It is only one week until Mike and I go on our roadtrip to the family reunion, so I am going to try double extra hard to get caught up on EVERYTHING!

(No, I haven't had any coffee yet, but that sounds like a good idea!)

We inch ever closer to the goal of getting Mike's pool swim-worthy. I solved the problem of the lost plugs by going to the hardware store and buying sink stoppers and PVC plumbing pipe ends. (Say THAT three times fast!) The water tester, predictably, showed our well water as being off the scale for every mineral it covers, except of course for chlorine. THAT there was none of. So I have bought pool tablets. I added one last night, and we will see how that worked. Once we have the water stabilized, all I have to do is find someone in town with 8' wide black plastic for a combo pool cover and solar water heater, and we will be set!

Speaking of Mike, here are a couple of pics I promised Mike I would put on for him, mainly for family and members of the Mr. Mike fan club.

Mike got three awards at the end of the year assembly, Most Improved Artist, Improved Penmanship and Improved Test Scores, plus a door prize from the art show. This shows him hugging the art and science teachers -- it's one of his trademarks to hug the people he's fond of.

Not being abducted by aliens, but posing with his prize from selling fund-raiser cheesecakes (which were pretty good!).

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Last night we succumbed to the mega-wheedling and took Mike to see Over the Hedge.

Oh mah LORD. Now I know what Mike's inner spirit guide animal is.

I don't think there has ever been a movie come out of Hollywood before that could beat this one as Mike's Ideal Movie, not even Polar Express. Thought he was going to laugh himself into hysterics several times, and today he keeps quoting some of his favorite bits, which is unusual for him.

I hadn't thought I would enjoy it much, because I am lukewarm about the original comic strip, and I'd heard the film was formulaic. Which it did turn out to be, but only in the way that most kid-oriented, feel good, fun films are.

What impressed me was the good, solid script-writing skills, where throw-away jokes were interspersed with the ones that would turn out to have plot points hinge on them, so that those plot points were a surprise when they came. There were also numerous subtle nods to pop culture which were funnier because of not being lit up with big neon signs. Although I would probably have found the dad possum's frequent mega-dramatic death scenes even funnier if I had realized he was being voiced by William Shatner.

So don't be afraid to go see it. It's a good 'un.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Friday is full, may I be excused? 

I have a mission today, one that has been going on a few days, actually.

Last fall when we put Mike's inflatable pool away, I took off the plugs that hold in the air, put them in a zip-lock, and put them all away in a Good Safe Place.


So I have been trying to let that location float to the top of my brain. So far, nada, although I am making large strides in some much needed de-cluttering of the tool area in the laundry room.

I'm doing tasks like that in between some email and LJ catch-up, but in a few moments here I am going to jump to one I am MADLY EXCITED about.

As you may know, I have trouble with PuffLeg Syndrome (not to mention FlatButt Disease) because I spend so much of my day here in front of the computer...and a lot of that is my actual paying work! Honest!

Caro is going to be getting a modest kickback for her many unused sick days, and one of the things we thought we might do is some upgrades of vital equipment. So she is getting a new monitor, and I am going to be living my dream of HAVING A LAPTOP!

It came today, and it is SO SHINY. It's an HP Pavilion with a ginormous screen! For under $600 with shipping! Now if I can work out how to add wireless to our current DSL (or something like it) I can sit in my comfy bed with the memory foam topper, leaning on a giant stack of fish pillows, putting books up for sale and possibly also writing something I can sell for actual money. And my feet will stop swelling up so much and I will be able to do more exercising so I will feel healthier all over and the Dems will sweep in the November elections and we will all be amused, content and beloved forever!

In closing, one of the actually done projects from last month! This is Mike and Climber sitting on the bench I make and helped Mike paint. (Caro helped too by finding the pillow at a yard sale!)

Yeah, those dead branches need to be pruned out. Soon as I find the electric chainsaw, which I think is in the basement....

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