Sunday, April 09, 2006

Counting undoubled blessings 

I haven't posted in detail lately about the visits Mike and I make to Kitty the "feelings doctor". We are at a point where we have established our methods and expectations, and it works pretty well when we ALL keep on track and put some effort into making things go along smoothly by making good choices.

Naturally there are times when me or Mike or both are having a bad day already, and then get pissed off at each other, so that it's hard to remember the better ways of doing things and we fall back on yelling and getting madder. We had a night like that last Monday. I was still a little ticked off on Tuesday, when I got a call from Social Services.

Not THAT kind, happily. No, what they were doing was asking if there was ANY chance I might like to get back into the foster parent game. Because they had a boy about Mike's age, who had developmental delays similar to Mike's, and he was in need of a new home...because, also like Mike, he had some anger and control issues.

I told them I wished I could help, but that we kind of had our hands full with Mike, and he had to come first. Which is all true, but I LOOK like I'd like to go miles further out of my freakin' mind than I already have???

All of a sudden, working things out as we go along with just the one Mike didn't seem all that bad. I mean, he has his flaws, but so do I. Sometimes his attempts at asserting his teen-aged independence are a little hard to take...but on the other hand, he's got a sweet streak a mile wide.

The other night when we'd been at the Weather Spotter training, and we went for dog food afterwards, we noticed some toy displays that had a big sign telling you to stand beside the cartoon character to take your picture. So here is Mike with one of his favorites:

I'm afraid I teased him a little about Dora being his girlfriend. He denied it strongly, but withOUT getting mad or smacking me with the broom he's carrying there!

(I do think they make a cute couple, although Dora is a little young for him. :) )

Here he is with SpongeBob

And this is a slightly older one from the 7th grade activity night. You had to open a stick of gum with the gloves on, chew it and blow a bubble before passing the gum pack and gloves on.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Aaaaand we're back! 

This has been a totally insane week.

Last Sunday was the Friends Only part of the library book sale, which entails several hours of walking around and around and around looking at tables full of donated books. This would be easy for most folks, but in my current state of out-of-shapiness, it's more like running a marathon. But happily I had my minions to do the actual book carrying, so it wasn't TOO bad.

But Monday I was stiff and sore and out of it for most of the useful part of the day. Tuesday I had to be up and around early for Mike to go in for an eye exam. (Did you know they have sunglasses with little built-in headphones that hold those MP3 chips and play music? OAKLEY $ungla$$e$. Mike does, now. *sigh*)

Wednesday was the LAST day of the booksale, when everything is $2 a bag, and they kind of count on me to haul off lots of the leftovers as my share of the clean-up. I only indulged them with 5 boxes worth this time, being picky because I was MINIONLESS and had to haul everything myself!!! So as you can image, I was even more sore yesterday and today....

Last night was our fifth year to go to Weather Spotter training, Mike and I. He watches the Weather Channel a lot, and by now he is actually getting a pretty good handle on what conditions produce storms and tornadoes and such. Here's a shot of Mike in front of the big screen after the training, looking Weather-spottery:

Unfortunately, he stayed as giddy as he looked right there, and after the incident of the 50 pound bag of dog food almost taking a header out of the cart at Wal-mart, the day ended on a less than cheerful note. And today I got to add the owie-ness of dog food vs. gravity wrestling to my general complaining muscle tone....

So WHEW, it was a thrilling week in many ways, but I am GLAD it's over!

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