Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A train a train! 

I had a lot of things I wanted to do in January, so if I want to get them done, I better get cracking!

Seriously, as usual I haven't posted too much partly because we were on a 'down' loop on the Mikecoaster, and partly because I DID set out some things I REALLY wanted to get done, and I possibly overdid a tad trying to do them over the weekend. Things are generally better now, though, so ONWARD!

As promised, here is one (only one) of the train pics I took for Mike on Thursday. This one is mildly interesting because of the angle. See, it was going under as I went over the overpass west of Las Animas, and I noticed it was a train of empty coal cars. I thought it was too bad Mike was not there, as it was kind of neat to be able to see how they are constructed inside. Then I thought about turning around and going back to the top of the overpass to take a picture, but figured with my luck, the train would be JUST finishing up by the time I got set.

Then I remembered! La Junta has a nice big overpass too! So I zoomed up the road and got into clicking position JUST as the engine came pounding in. If you notice, you can see that this was a LONG train...there are still cars back there on the horizon by those white buildings!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A jolly Saturday! 

We got quite a bit done today, including removing most of the Christmas decorations. Since a couple of bins managed to hide out in the living room all year last year, this is a big accomplishment!

Despite being a busy helpful boy around the house, Mike remembered his intention to call his big brother-in-law Nigel to remind him to watch the Bronco game. This is a little like phoning up the Pope to remind him tomorrow is Sunday...but still, a thoughty gesture.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, Monday was pretty good. 

Even though we almost had to watch March of the Penguins in Spanish. Not that there's anything wrong with that...except probably the penguins are more fluent in it than I am.

We had had the same trouble, for a while, when the kids were here and we tried to watch Madagascar. Turns out there is a setting in the Dishnet thingie that, if you click it, says you want to get your broadcasts in the alternate language when possible. Not that ANYONE around here EVER plays with things he they shouldn't and messes them up so that MOM has to fix them, pant, pant.

I don't remember if it was Monday or Tuesday that I found out they are releasing a DVD of the Best of the Electric Company. HEYYY YOOOU GUUYYYYSS! Remember that?!? I am of course getting it for Mike, for educational purposes. NOT for me so I can watch Spiderman and all.

And hey, did you know Joss Whedon's dad was the Electric Company's head writer? Me neither!

The ol' storm clouds rolled in here on Tuesday, though, and I don't mean the weather kind.

When Mike and I first started to go see the "feelings doctor", I had a dream that I think kind of sums up the basic problem we are working on. I dreamed I was managing a sort of motel by the ocean somewhere. I was having trouble keeping up with my tasks because the ocean was acting funny -- I kept going to check on it to see what it was doing now. Then I saw that an alligator had washed up on the beach, right by our motel. Mike and a bunch of other kids were in a circle looking at it.

I ran out onto the upstairs deck and shouted, "Mike! Stay away from it! Don't go near it! All you kids, back off!!"

So all the kids backed off. Except of course Mike, who looked up at me like I was speaking Penguin Spanish at him, and walked right up to the alligator's head so it could EASILY grab him by the leg....

(That's not even a WEIRD dream for me, sad to say.)

Anyway, that is the sort of thing we are working on. Impulse control (both of us). Stubbornness (ditto). LISTENING when someone tells you there is going to be a bad consequence to bad choices instead of walking up and sticking your damn leg in the alligator's mouth just to see what will happen next.

And we've upped his meds. I don't get meds...well, except for blood pressure and stuff, so I guess it's GOOD mine are staying the same.

So. Tuesday night and last night, not as good as the weekend (which WAS exceptionally good. Mike IS making progress.) That is why I haven't posted too much except little silly fun things in passing.

One thing, though. No matter HOW bad the day ever goes, chances are it will not be as bad as this one:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, tomorrow all the eBay auctions I frantically listed last week will be ending. I had JUST gotten caught up with all the fiddly bits and then with the things around the house, and most of the email, that I'd fallen behind with...and now tomorrow they end and I have to start MAILING things.

I know, wah, poor me. :)

It has been a pretty good vacation, but I am deeply ready to go back to the "pieces of quiet" I get when Caro and Mike are both at school. Tonight we got Mr. Mike packed into bed early, hoping to minimize the chance of Crabby!Mike not wanting to get ready for school in the morning. And around 9:30, when the music was done and the boy was off dreaming of his trains....

...it was QUIET HERE!

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