Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quick update! 

(This didn't get posted when we were away on our weekend jaunt, so I am resending it.)

It turns out the hotel connection is not wireless access as we expected, and last night I was too zosted to cope with the alternatives. Right now I am typing from Dreamcloud in the parking lot at a Ross store, while Caro shops. Yay, hotspots!

I wrote this much last night--more later, as I think I already said. Last night when I was writing, I mean...

(Mom, you might want to skip this one....)

You know that old joke? About the hotel that says they are full, but the guy begs and pleads, so they say he can stay if he will make his own bed? And he agrees and they give him a hammer and nails?

We didn't even get THAT!

After a fun but exhausting day (more on which later), we came back to the room. Caro sat on the edge of one of the beds, and it collapsed on that side! These bed frames are mere rectangles of fiberboard with some braces running across inside, and on this one, the side piece just fell OFF and lay there on the rug looking useless and pathetic. Much the way I felt at this point, after our long day.

Caro then found out that the bedside lights, the clock and another table lamp were all non-functional. Further CSI-worthy investigation produced the reason why--they had all been unplugged. Huh, we said.

A call to the desk gave us the unwelcome news that there were no other nonsmoking rooms with two beds available. So we decided to have a go at putting our busted one back together well enough to get through the night.

Getting through the night must have been a problem for a former resident of the room. When Caro lifted up the box springs and mattress so that I could access the broken piece, we abandoned item.

Wrapped mostly in a towel. Enough was sticking out for me to identify it as an adult recreational device. Im not sure what they are called, but they bring to mind the old SNL skit of Hans and Franz promising to PUMP you UP. If you get my drift....

Happily it did not attract Mike's interest, so he did not get an educational moment.

I did manage to get the frame stuck back together well enough to make the bed sleepable. We also found we were able to plug the lights and clock back in, with the mattress shifted. My speculation that the former resident in question unplugged these highly necessary items in order to power up things he felt were even MORE crucial to his well-being remains just and only that, speculation.

But ew.
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