Saturday, July 30, 2005

Finally, the zoo pics! 

Remember me telling you we went to the zoo about a week and a half ago? Oh. Well, we did, and I have put up a couple dozen pics on their own web page.

Some of them are pretty, some are funny, some are there mainly because MY mom will want to see them. I think you will want to go clear to the end of the page to see the world's largest hairball, though.

The Garden City Zoo is where I took THIS memorable shot five years ago:


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mike's choice 

A while back several people on LiveJournal shared this link:

It's part of a webpage for an artist named Clark Sorensen who does very interesting things with porcelain. This particular page shows some very fancy men's restroom fixtures.

Mike says that if we ever win the lotto, he wants the nautilus shell one.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

They can't stay children 

I think I've said before that one of the unregarded plus sides of having a developmentally delayed child is that you get to enjoy the child part of their life longer.

This morning as I was slowly waking up (about 10), Mike heard me and came in. "You don't know yet, 'bout the splosions," he said soberly. "They blew up buses and a train, in Lonnon. You can find out more if you go to"

Dammit, why should ANY kids in the world, of whatever intellectual capacity, have to learn to accept that stuff like this happens?

I was going to say 'have to understand it', but I really don't think that's possible. If it was understandable, it wouldn't be happening, eh? Because what you can understand, you can eventually fix.

Or maybe *I* am the one too naive for this world.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Keeping the good in mind 

I usually don't post too much about the times when Mike is being a big challenge to my parenting skills, mostly just because I try to make this journal entertaining. Me whining about the difficulties of getting a kid with both developmental delays and early teen angst to act like a human being is not exactly comedy gold.

But something I learned that I think is quite helpful (for life in general, actually) is to notice and praise when things are good. We all gripe a lot (and GET griped at!) -- wouldn't it be a nice world if we gave and got compliments as often (or more often!) than complaints?

So in that vein, here are some really good things Mike did yesterday.

1. He stopped. We were getting in an argument about the DVD controller that HE had last. I refused to come help look, on the grounds that I have said a million zillion crillion times that all controllers not in use should be on the shelf of the entertainment center. If someone does not choose to put them up properly after use, that someone should bloody well find them himself when they go walkies.

This is a discussion we have had before.

He was starting in to throw a fit, and I was about to join in. But I managed to stop (see, I DO understand it isn't easy!) and outlined what he would miss out on if he chose to continue down this path. I went back to my work at the computer, and he went back to watching ordinary TV and grumbling. BUT he did not throw the fit, then or later! (And much later we found the remote, underneath a small bench HE moved the night before....)

2. He accepted. We were all three out shopping, hitting the stores for the good stuff on sale. At Safeway, Caro started to get some root beer for Mike, but I turned around and hissed, "No, don't get it." A store guy was working that aisle, and I didn't want to say out loud that a different store had a much better deal. She thought I meant Mike was not allowed to have it (we have had issues in the past with partial pop cans being left all over the place) and of course put it back.

I have to admit I was pretty surprised that Mike didn't even give out a peep of protest. As soon as we were out in the parking lot I explained that we WOULD get him the pop at the next store, and that I hadn't said so inside because we didn't want to hurt the store guy's feelings. He actually seemed not to have given it any more thought, so he was happy to hear he would be getting root beer.

3. He talked. When we were having our talking time together, he told me some things he would like ME to do more of, in a non-whiny and really pretty articulate way. That's something new too, and I hope he keeps it up!

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