Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Alterverse movies 

Mike just saw a TV commercial that reminded him of a movie he recently went to which is now on his list to acquire for his own collection. He commiserated with me again because it was here in town when I was not, and I did not get to see it with him, Damaris and the kids.

It's the Pixar one about the animals running away from the zoo, which Mike thinks is called "Manny NASCAR".

Personally, I think I would prefer to see that one, which I envision as an exciting biopic about the world's most famous Jewish race car driver....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fatherish Day 

Many years ago, we started a family tradition in which Caro and I took turns being the honoree for Mothers' or Fathers' Day. Gradually this custom faded, mainly because, as with choosing whether the Christmas tree would be skinny or lushly full-bodied, we kept forgetting who did which the year before.

This year I was definitely Mother, because for my Mothers' Day present Nigel and Damaris cleaned my fish pond and brought my goldfish back from where they had been wintering at their house. But today I am also doing Fatherish Stuff. With Mike's help, I got the little swimming pool emptied and wiped free of 96% of the visible algae. It is filling now. Mike bought a Swimming Nemo toy with his allowance yesterday, and is eagerly awaiting the chance to play with it while he jumps in and out of the icy cold water pumping up out of our well.

I am sitting here thinking to myself, "Did I TAKE my aspirin this morning? I thought I did, but if I did, WHY do my knees hurt so much??"

So I'm going to putter around with books and stuff for a while, then later wash off the tarp that we never did get around to installing as a pool cover, and then do that very thing, hoping it will slightly slow down the speed of the next inevitable algae bloom by keeping sticks and leaves and bugs out.

Later on we are going to Damaris and Nigel's for more celebratory stuff, because Nigel is a traditional BBQ Dad, and he is grilling for us all.

Tomorrow Mike and I, with Zach along for company and adventure, are heading up to Denver so Mike can get his annual neurologist check-up (the one I had to reschedule due to Personal Plague). Two boys, two GameBoys, one car, one me, one day, 450 miles. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Summertime. Living. Not THAT easy, but it's fun!

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