Friday, May 06, 2005

The Amazing Mike 

There are several things I made a mental note to be sure to blog about over the past few days. Hope I can remember where I PUT all those mental notes. They aren't here on the mental desk, or stuck to the mental fridge with mental magnets.... Hmmm.

Well, at least one thing is about Mike. As you know, Mike has developmental delays caused by what is basically an extreme neurologically based learning disability. His reading is right now at about a third grade level, for instance. And the expectation is that he will slowly but surely catch up until, by the time he's an adult, he can function in the 'normal' range.

But like any child, every once in a while, he throws a little surprise in on us. In the picture of my May Day pansy last week, you might have seen a computer screen in the background. That's Mike's. His set up is right next to mine here on the big desk so we can be together when we're computering, and I can help him with his learning games or whatever.

He knows his way around the various Control Panel screens, and figured out a long time ago how to change colors and screen savers and stuff like that. But I guess he noticed that my desktop is very plain, with just a couple of icons, in contrast to his, which had so many you could hardly see the wallpaper.

So without having to ask for ANY help...he make a new desktop file, labeled it Mike, and moved all his shortcut items into it. Amazed, we asked him who showed him how to do that. He just shrugged and smiled. Nobody. He just...worked it out and did it.

In case you can't tell, I'm pretty chuffed about that!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mike's Cake! 

I went to Lincoln School tonight because they had a Mexico holiday thing. (Note from Susan--Cinco de Mayo.) They had games. First we had to buy tickets and then go play all the games. They had food too. I did not like the band that much, because I don't like it when it's loud and hurting my ears.

I played bowling, ducks where you have to pick the number, and the cake walk where you have to walk around and around in a circle.

I won some prizes and a tattoo and a cake!

I saw my sister and Zach and Morrissey and Marisa. Lincoln School is the school they go to every day. I love my family.

When I was walking to town like I always do, the neighbor dog grabbed my leg and gave me a little pinch. I was not happy their dog did that. Next time I will take a stick to scare the dogs away from me.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I have a nice family :) 

While poking about the grounds lately, muttering about how we really need to get out and get some gardening done (as soon as the freak snowstorms are done for the year, perhaps), we noticed that the little pine tree Mike got last year from school on Arbor Day seems to have joined the Forest Celestial.

Happily some of the garden centers had a sale going this weekend. And since Mike was SO HELPFUL yesterday, cleaning up part of the living room and even vacuuming, we said he could get a replacement.

Here is the boy and his tree. Only $8!

Also, my dear clone Caro bought me a flower for May Day! Here it is sitting on a few of the books I listed for sale yesterday.

So now I REALLY have to get around to doing some gardening!

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