Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Literalist art 

We had a brief trip to Pueblo over the weekend, as Caro needed to take a test relating to her job. It was a fun mini-family vacation. While she was filling in the small ovals with her Number 2 pencil, Mike and I went searching for yard sales, and also exploring. Mike is, as he would tell you any time, a Train Boy, so we took a cut through the switching yards and snapped some pics. This is the funniest one.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Missing Monday 

I *know* I just had the darn thing around here a second ago....

I'm kidding, I do have some faint glimmer of an idea where the day went. It first went into fribbling with a lot of records and paperwork. NOT for taxes...that's still to come. No, today I had an appointment to re-certify for the sliding scale fee at the medical clinic I go to. Being self-employed, it's kind of complicated, and of course I put it off till the last minute. Then it turned out I didn't bring the records that were needed, but instead a lot of stuff the person didn't even glance at. So I have to go again Thursday.

I did my usual packing to mail in the afternoon, but in a leisurely way, figuring I could make up for the minor goofing off by working harder in the evening. Except Mike came home in a FRENZY, because there was to be a FREE concert by TWO GUYS FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! (Which he knows All About because one of his beloved roller coaster tapes features a ride there, with a bit of local color in re the Sydney Opera House and such.)

Being a sadly indulgent mom, I allowed myself to be dragged there by my wild baby horse boy. But we were NOT going to stay for the whole thing (we did), and we were CERTAINLY not going to buy a CD (Chameleon, Matt and Pauly Zarb, $15).

It did turn out to be time very well spent, but I'm too tired now to do any sort of justice to a concert report. Tomorrow.

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