Saturday, March 12, 2005

A post from Mike 

(Typed by Susan)

I close during holidays. All holidays. I am open if it is not a holiday. Like Michael Day. It is only a little one so I am open. I am closed on Labor Day because it is a really big holiday. Christmas and Halloween I will be closed. I will open back up after the big holiday is over.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Mikey the Punk and the Blustery Day 

Herds of drama llamas kept galloping through yesterday, so I couldn't really settle down to the kind of deep and serious thought you KNOW I need to create my posts....

Today didn't start off much better. Backstory: Mike has developed a Thing about his morning ride to school on the bus. This is partly because he has a Thing going on on his bus anyway. He sees his role as Special Appointed Assistant In Charge of Telling Everyone Else (including the driver) What To Do. Naturally, this has resulted in some unrest amongst the rank and file which gets Mike upset. Not to mention everyone else.

So for a while now he's been dawdling around in the morning deliberately missing the bus most of the time. That way he can ride in to school with Caro. The trouble with this is that it gets him on campus a good half hour before there are any adults outside to supervise. Since there is already a minor problem with some kids teasing Mike, it's not a good situation.

We came up with a penalty for missing the bus in the morning. Mike would have to wash one sink of dishes before he could have his "priviliges". This worked well for a while, but he got used to it and seemed to have decided it wasn't so bad. So we changed the rule. Miss the bus, walk to school. He thought this was a HORRIBLE idea, and that we were VERY mean! But oh well.

Today was the first day he decided to test and see if we really meant it. Not a good choice, because it's quite windy out there this morning. Still, he toughed it out sitting on the porch for about an hour and a half before deciding to trudge off to school.

*checks mirror* Yep. Still meanest.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


As you know, Mike recently turned 13. He's been waiting for that magic age, because now he is allowed to go use the equipment at the Community building, so long as an adult goes with him. Or failing that, me.

I have not done anything more workout-like than haul boxes of books around since...well, a long time. So I tried hard to take it easy and not overdo. We shall see on the morrow how much mobility I have temporarily lost from my sudden urge to pursue fitness.

Judging from my current urge to sit right here and move as little as possible, I am not sanguine....

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another day goes swooshing by! 

Got a lot of other things done, but not as much posting as I intended. Oh, well.

So here's another Mike story. As you may know, one of the perils of being an only child is that it tends to erase the perceived line between child and adult status. Oh, Mike can SEE it, he just rails against it as massively NOT FAIR. "It's a free country!" he tells us, often and frequently.

Today word was passed to Caro at the middle school that yesterday Mike walked away from a teacher in mid-rant to him and a few other students (to be fair, the bell HAD rung), and he pretended not to hear her when she tried to call him back. I was neither happy nor surprised to hear my darling boy had done such a thing.

When I questioned him about it, he indignantly informed me the teacher had been YELLING at them. "I don't see why I should have to be around someone acting that way," he said, in the tone of one who KNOWS he's playing a winning hand here. Mainly because that is pretty much word for word what we say to him when he's throwing a tantrum and needs a time out. I managed not to laugh, but it was a close shave.

Kind of tough, finding yourself stuck between a boy who has a point, and the way the world actually tends to work. But the sad truth is, sometimes you have to let some people yell at you, and sometimes that means teachers.

Happily, the new semester had just started yesterday and he was in that teacher's class by mistake. So we dodge that bullet for now...although he is going to write her a note of apology, for form's sake. He's still got to do a couple years and change in middle school. :/

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