Thursday, February 24, 2005

A post from Mike 

You can come and visit my blog any time you want to if you feel like it. You could look at it every day. It's open 24 hours.

I like things. I like things because things are my favorite things.

At school with Ms. Eddy we are studying about China. My favorite part is a big giant panda.

Tuesday night we went to the play. I sat by Ms. G. She is my favorite teacher. My nieces were in the play and one said, "The sky is falling!" And a boy said, "We heard that many times!" and Morris said, "It's getting worse!"

(Above dictated to Susan by Mike, below, typed by Mike himself.)


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

On the catwalk 

We all need something to look back on in our childhood that we can complain bitterly about. Otherwise we will feel all left out in dorm chats when we go to college. One of Mike's likely choices will be how I often force him to stand in as a mannequin when taking pictures of clothing I want to sell.

We did negotiate a deal to not reveal his face on eBay, although there was some confusion about that at first. "I'll cut your head off for the pictures, okay?" I asked him. He just laughed, a little nervously. "See, if I cut your head off, no one will see your face."

"SuSAN," he said, "you will not do that," only sounding half-convinced.

"Sure, it's easy," I reassured him.

Long silence. "But then how I will BREAVE, huh?"

Once I assured him I was only speaking PhotoShopically, he was mostly okay with the idea. Like when my requests weren't interfering with something IMPORTANT, meaning anything even remotely watchable on TV.

Fortunately having a sulky model does not affect the quality of the photo shoot, providing you are planning to cut off the model's head later. And the results can be hilarious. Yes, I intend to share. Right now.

By the way, those very cool jackets somehow failed to sell. If you know someone who needs some genuine groovy 70s gear for a play or costume event, you can check out the sizes here, and have either or both for the cost of postage.

A hurdle, uh, hurdled over 

Crisis #43,097 averted.

Mike awoke early, as he often does, and decided an ideal snack while he watched TV would be...hmm, how about CHOCOLATE?

No, he didn't eat all that was left of the five pound bar. But he ate enough to start to feel guppy-tummied. I reasonably pointed out he had made a bad choice, which AS WE ALL KNOW come with consequences. If he compounded the first bad choice by refusing to go to school, well, the chocolate would have to go to school instead, and make all his little friends and teachers very happy....

Enlightened self-interest won the day again, and he was feeling well enough once he got dressed and took in a few bites of scrambled eggs to spend 10 mintues slicking down his hair just so. With aloe vera gel, but hey, it did the job.

Yes, he IS officially a teen-ager.

I am going to be getting back to posting SOON 

You have been warned.

PS, Mike turned 13 on Sunday.

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