Friday, October 15, 2004

From a 'meme' going around LiveJournal 

"When you see this, post a bit of poetry in your own journal."


When he grows up, I don’t think he’ll recall
How, on a sapphire morning in the fall,
Dust pussies tumbled up and down the stair,
And smudges lined the woodwork here and there
While he and I ran hand in hand together,
Carefree, into the bright October weather.

I hope my son looks back upon today
And sees a mother who had time to play.
Whether the work was done or not,
Who realized chores are sometimes best forgot.
There will be years for cleaning house and cooking.
But little boys grow up while we’re not looking.

(This is in one of the 10 kazillion books in my house, so I can't name you the author. A-Mom-ynous, I guess.)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

This post is out of order 

But linearness is over-rated anyway, I feel.

Since pics are worth 1K word each, here are about 11,000 concerning my Thursday.

My fave, of course, is mikedean, although handoutmike is a close second. He volunteered to hand out flyers and pamphlets and worked the crowd over good three separate times, and gave every appearance of thoroughly enjoying doing so.

Impossible as it might seem, Howard Dean went up even higher in my estimation today. When we all found ourselves face to face, and he offered to shake Mike's hand, Mike instead went with his trademark hugblitz. Dean looked shocked for a second, but instantly guessed what was going on and smiled and hugged him back. I hadn't been camera ready, so only got the aftermath of the huggermugger.

But what a nice man Dean is!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Somebody's Getting A Letter 

Another one of those peculiar days that disappeared almost instantly without a trace. Is this me getting old, or what?

Caro and I remarked tonight on how strange it is to be enjoying these debates so much, since neither of us were every deeply political before. Maybe it's the same compulsion that makes other people like sports, or reality shows.

Speaking of which, I strongly advise you to go look at this eBay auction before it gets pulled!


Be sure to look at the questions from buyers too!

Most of today was good, except for the part where there were two screw-ups with one of Mike's prescriptions, and after an hour of sincere effort on MY part, I still went home without his Adderall. Hence the subject line, which is our family code for "Run! Hide! Flee! Susan is ticked off and coming to discuss it with you!"

The short version is that the Adderall is a Class II restricted drug. I have to get a new paper prescription directly from the doctor every 30 days--no calling in allowed. We get 30 at a time, and it isn't something it is wise to quit cold turkey. So I am wondering how it is POSSIBLE that Medicaid, in its infinite wisdom, could have suddenly come up with a new requirement for a NEW doctor's authorization (since the one already on file has not been amended and he's been taking this for 2+ years) AND NOT TOLD PEOPLE IT WAS HAPPENING, TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO HANDLE THE TRANSITION SMOOTHLY.

Oh yes. Letters WILL be written.

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