Thursday, March 18, 2004

Not exactly the best day ever 

(Posting from a suburb of beautiful Mile High Denver, Queen City of the Plains)

I can't even fall back on my usual, "Oh, well, at least nobody died."

Mike lost his personal cat today. We don't know what happened; she was wandering around looking normal on Wednesday, but this morning she was very very sick, except without any symptoms that point to anything. She was overweight, yes, and sometimes short of breath. If it was another cat besides Nicky I would suspect poisoning. But she never went out, and actually did not LIKE table scraps, not even meat or fish. We took her in to the vet right away, before he was even open, but she died right there as he was looking her over.

Mike did get to pet her before we took her in. He didn't want to go along, because I think he could tell how bad off she was. He's quite upset, but we've had some good conversational moments, and he feels better to think she is a "cat butterfly" playing with Syracuse and Spike and Julian and the others who have gone before.

Goodbye, Nicky Jr, you were a good cat.

The other annoyances were minor; running out of ink for the printer, having a bird fly into the house and get itself into unreachable spots (Caro is still sorting that one out back home), and having to get ready for our visit to Denver, which is not nearly so fun as the visit itself.

Tomorrow will, I hope, be a much better day.

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