Thursday, February 26, 2004

Play-Doh Boy 

Mike says:

I am really really Play-Doh Boy. Because I like Play-Doh, because it's fun to make things. You could make purple hair come out when you twist the chair. The hair does start to come out those little holes. It's not real hair, it's Play-Doh. Dakota gave me the Play-Doh maker.

Aaron and Dorian gave me watches. You have to set them up right, otherwise it won't work. It's fun to wear it, and I can wear it to school if I want to. Just for fun of it. The numbers change really fast. My watch helps keep me from getting confused what time is it.

Vincent did give me a toy boat and a toy truck, with tiny cones. It's got controllers and a charger. But the charger doesn't work right.

Brandon gave me that Hot Wheels Away for my birthday. He is nice, but we always argue sometimes. Just a little bit, we do. Brandon is going to move away and I am going to be so bored.

We had to eat cake after we sing Happy Birthday. I had a SpongeBob cake with a frosting. I love frosting and I always eat it all the time. I can't stop from eating frosting! I guess I am Frosting Boy. Too.

The End

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Oh. My. Very. Dear. Lord. 

We have survived The Birthday Party, but just barely.

Out of 24 invitees, about half showed up. Just as well, because bowling is loud, and 11 year olds are insane, and it was generally hellaciously vivaciaous from start to finish. But everyone seemed to have a good time, Mike got nice presents he liked, and no one needed stitches or sedatives before the ending. Plus the total outlay including cake was only $83, which is not at ALL bad for a modern birthday party.

I am officially exhausted now, which is only partly because I have consumed a couple of glasses of wine....

Friday, February 20, 2004

Party time! 


Today Mr. Mike turned 12. I went to eat with him at school, which included observing a very brief food fight, nipped off early by the Observant Stalking Principal Mr. Banker. I also collected assorted RSVPs from Mike's classmates for his party tomorrow. Good thing I don't need an EXACT headcount. So far, of the phone calls I requested from parents, I got 4 out of 23. Sigh.

Pretty soon we are heading out to have a little shopping spree and to take Mike to dinner. He hasn't quite made up his mind which one of Lamar's fine dining experiences we are going to partake of. I am guessing either McDonalds' or Quizno's....

He kind of surprised us last night, though. When he was talking about what he wanted for his birthday, one of the first things he mentioned was "pretty flowers". So at least one thing we'll be picking up is a nice little bouquet.

Guess I should get back to my cleaning for the Guest Advent.

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