Friday, November 28, 2003

Macho, Macho Mike! 

Caro and Mike did the store run today. When they got back, Caro told me that while they were there, she sent Mike to go grab a sack of dog food. Now, normally we just get a 22 pounder a couple times a week, because although it's not as cheap, it's easier to lift into the cart, put in the car, take out of the car, carry to the house and pour up into the food bin. But a few minutes after she sent Mike off on his quest, here he came toting a 50 pounder and wearing a huge grin. And well he might! He carried it halfway through the store--PLUS Mike himself only weighs 85 pounds fully clothed! Not bad for a Skinny Boy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Rare boy! 

Last week when I got my flu shot, Mike was very annoyed, and scolded me...because I had not come to get him from school so that he could get one too. I suppose there must be other 11 year olds who think this way, but there can't be many....

But despite me almost forgetting, and having to temporarily abandon Caro in the depths of the Wal-mart while I rushed Mike over to the county nursing service, it's a done deal now, and he's a happy vaccine-enriched Mike.

On the way home he was singing, as he often does. "DAAAAAY-OH!" he began, then paused and started again. "Daaaaay-OFF! DAY-AY-AY OFF!" I was delighted, and my laughing made him stop again. "Mike! Did you just make that up, or did you hear it somewhere?"

He answered with a movie quote which is a family in-joke now. "Mine-Mine!"

That's our Mike!

Friday, November 14, 2003

What do you do for fun in Lamar on a Friday night? 

Oooh, it's a riot of sense and sound! First, dinner at the very chi-chi Washington Elementary chili supper. Mike went formal, in tails. Well, just the one tail, actually. He wore his shirt and tailed pants from his longhorn costume, tastefully accented by his blinding orange emergency worker vest.

Back at home, Mike decided he wanted to play with the spray hair color I'd loaded up on at Wal-mart post-Halloween (only 30 cents a can!) We now both have neon red and pink tipped hairdos. With glitter. No, I'm so sorry, no pictures are available....

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Mike's poem 

This is a poem Mike wrote for school.

A Candy Bar I Do Not Like

by Mike

Gross! Coconut!
Sticky and white!
Smells like sun tan lotion!
That yucky taste!
I do NOT like Almond Joy.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Mike saw the eclipse! 

Mike says: The shadow made the moon look kind of like the shape of a C.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Mike says:

I did a good job of painting on my Mom. Please don't say that "ugly" word, because I don't like it. I think she looks scary, like a bleeding spotted ghost.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Happy Michael Day! 

As you may know, November 1st is an official family holiday around here, commemorating the day Mike's adoption was finalized. We'll be doing some celebratory things, despite not quite having recovered from our wild Halloween night out.

Mike decided he wanted to be a longhorn bull, in honor of our trip to Texas this summer:

We had a great time making the rounds. Stopped by Civis Auctions, since they also raise longhorns. Burger King was giving away free meals to costumed kids, and that was a packed, hilarious scene. The best event of the night was at Sandhaven Care Center, where the folks went all out on a fabulously decorated. blacklight enhanced Treat Street. But when we arrived, they weren't open yet, so we decided to walk around the block for some traditional Trick or Treating. This was pretty fun, although Mike fell off the porch of a friend's house, which was the low light of the evening. Then we went to the commerical Trick or Treat Street, which was fairly nice too. Except then I got a big old leg cramp, the second lowest light of the night out.

Since Mike had plenty of candy at this point, we finished things up by driving around to see a few special people, like Mike's Mama Tina, his first grade teacher and his current principal. All in all, despite the few minor painful glitches, it was the best Halloween so far!

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