Friday, October 10, 2003

Pie sale-mans extrordinaire! 

As with most schools these days, Washington Elementary has the occasional fundraiser. For example, pies and goodies to be delivered in time for Thanksgiving. Mike was feeling highly motivated this year, because the representative who came around demonstrated one of the BIG prizes, a bubble gum machine phone, and he fell madly in love.

Selling is not easy for Mike, because he is a little shy sometimes, and doesn't like to struggle for words with strangers listening. Also, with several hundred kids and only a small town's worth of vict--uh, CUSTOMERS, well, competition is stiff. But he really went at it and with almost no help from us (yet--pie delivery is the parents' task) sold over $150 worth of yummies.

But to get the phone, you have to sell five times that much. Even big sister Damaris in her heydey would have found that a challenging task. So we figured he really did deserve some home recognition for his efforts, and I went to good old eBay:

I have to admit, it's a very cool phone. When it rings, lights flash and it plays the circus song, plus it drops a gumball. But if you don't press the button to open the hatch, it takes it back! (Took me forever to figure that feature out!)

Monday, October 06, 2003

Viva Las Vegas! 

On our trip Saturday, we stopped at the Las Animas library and looked over their items for sale. Mike chose a AAA video tape about Las Vegas. Just so you know, he's not the youngest potential Gamblers' Anonymous member ever. On one of his many tapes about roller coasters, it features one that is part of a casino there, and THAT is what he wants to go see when we take our road trip next summer.

We just got done watching it, and I must admit, I'm surprised at all the things to see and do there besides stick quarters in a slot machine. I guess we might have to check it out. What I'm worried about, though, is tomorrow. Mike has informed me there will be a quiz over the contents of tonight's video!

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Mike Songs 

We had to drive to La Junta today (see my blog) which meant a couple of hours of driving time. Couldn't find Mike's CD player, so he was stuck with singing on his own. In between his standards (Orange Blossom Special, Peace Train, Pallisades Park, Sheila, Wouldn't It Be Nice) he made up songs. Although they tend to sound rather the same, the titles are often intriguing. My favorite today was "Go To Sleep, Route 66".

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Mike and music 

He loves it; has ever since he was a baby. Last night we went to a concert with a group called Marcoux Corner, who does a capella versions of popular favorites. He was dancing in his seat (surrounded by some of his female classmates as usual) during the first half. He came to sit with us when most of the other kids went home, and although he was getting sleepy, he tried out some of the background "bop" sound effects. Words still being a challenge for him, that kind of singing might hold a special appeal!

When the guys sang their "ending" number and exited (waiting for their curtain call, of course), Mike noted in disgust, "They forgot to turn off their lights!"

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