Saturday, September 27, 2003

Mike wants everyone to know about our new bells. We bought them off eBay. One is a train design and the other one is a lighthouse. He helped install them. The lighthouse is by the front door and the train bell is by the back steps. The train bell is the loudest!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

That Mike! 

School has, of course, been in session now for a few weeks, and we are starting to shake down into a sort of routine. Mike is blossoming more and more into independence. The last few days he has gotten up on his own and gone through his morning routine on his own, quickly, with almost no prompting! In fact, today he did so well that I neglected to double check that he had taken his Adderal (for ADD), and I ended up having to run to town with it mid-morning.

Tonight was open house at his school, and the librarian told me a Funny Mike Story. Seems the lunchroom got kind of rowdy today, until the principal, Mr. Banker, had to get a bit loud to settle everyone down. Out of the total silence came Mike, saying, "Ohhh, Banker, you know those kids just get confused about the rules." Being a long term pro, Mr. Banker managed not to crack up, but I guess it was a close thing.

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