Sunday, August 10, 2003

What he really meant.... 

Nicky was in the way again today. It's her hobby. This time she was blocking Mike off from his computer, forcing him to hiss at her again. I heard him explain to Caro, "I had to say 'Psst! Psst!' to Nicky. If she won't move, I get pushed off."

Saturday, August 09, 2003

More Mikelang 

Today Mike was helping me move some stuff outdoors, and of course since the door was open, Nicky Jr decided this meant the cat was invited to go for a stroll. Mike hissed at her and she sped down the stairs instead. In case I had not understood that interchange, Mike explained to me, "I made that pissed sound at her so she would go away from the door."

So this time it was ME interpreting a verbalization in the way it made the most sense to me. Mikelang is funny whichever direction the translation is going.

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