Monday, July 21, 2003

A la Cart 

Caro made a great find last week at the Lamar Flea Market. It's a little cart, the kind you pull behind a garden tractor. So today we went and picked it up. The two tires were a little low, so I sprayed in some of that goo in a can that seals them. It turned out our hitch pin was too big, so I cobbled a substitute with an L-shaped plumbing tool I don't know the name of (for removing the insides of faucets) and a bungee cord. (Eat your heart out, MacGuyver!)

As you may know, once you put that goo in a tire, you are supposed to drive on it a ways, to get it to spread around evenly inside. Mike and the pup were hanging around watching me, so I invited them on the test ride.

I am SO not looking forward to Mike getting all mature and growing out of being utterly delighted by little treats like this. We drove up and down a few of our local country roads, with him shouting how much fun it was every five minutes. And he was right.

Sure, maturity has its points. I liked that he helpfully carried in the sack of dog food later, and didn't fuss about bedtime. But I'm sure going to miss the little boy Mike one of these days.

Friday, July 18, 2003


We are planning a little family camping event to celebrate Nigel's great job restoring the camping trailer. I told Mike, and he was less than impressed about the idea of swimming at the reservoir. "That water has touched the ground!" he complained.

School's out, school's out.... 

Teacher cleared the pool out!

Yes, swimming lessons for Summer 2003 are done in Lamar. Mike has successfully passed Level III!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Adolescence draws near 

Maybe it's a phase. But Mike has recently taken to dosing himself up with the assorted body sprays I keep in the bathroom for MY personal hygiene. Your life is not complete until you have gotten a hearty goodnight hug from someone who smells like a combination of pumpkin pie, sage, tangerine, and melon....

Something new and fun and free! 

PopCap Games

Mike discovered Candy Train here at this great site for free games! Sadly it is not available as a downloadable version, and we cruelly do not spare him much time on the internet enabled computers. On the plus side for me, something new to bribe him with!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Window on Nature 

Tonight we saw something amazing. Just at sunset, I looked out of the window over the sink and saw a spider on the other side. Since there was good solid glass between her and us, Mike was willing to come close and check it out. As we watched, I realized she was actually going around in circles spinning her web. Mike was totally fascinated, and so was I!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Tag team art 

This was our project for the week. The lawn swing was last painted several years ago, and the wood had gotten all bleached and scratchy. So we got a whole lot of cheap spray paint, and Mike and I went to town.

The paint on the grass and the boy will fade, but we will have a glorious place to rest outside for a good long time!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

You can not be-bleeb it! 

That's what I said to Mike today when I was late picking him up from swimming lessons. I had virtuously left home in good time, and noted a train coming in from the west as I drove to town. It kept coming and coming, although it was slowing down now, which is never a good sign if you are in a hurry.

Knowing Mike would want to know if it stopped at the "train co-op", I took a different road in that parallels the tracks. The train was right there from 14th, to Main, and then for six blocks on the other side of Main! I ALMOST got to the one open crossing, but then the arm came down, and all I could do was sit and count.

SIX engines. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT hopper cars! Got to be the longest one I ever saw!

The boy just keeps growing! 

OK, now I have Mike's blog up and running too. I tried to put a train background on, but it didn't work. OH WELLL.... (Mikelang)

An event worth noting is that the t-shirt we ordered by sending in UPCs from the back of the string cheese packs (Frigo? Some guy with string cheese dreds, anyway) FINALLY came yesterday, after Mike had wondered aloud for perhaps the 60 millionth time whether this was ever going to happen.

It's a pretty decent shirt, actually, with Spiderman, The Hulk, Captain America and I forget who else looking action-y and heroic, although not eating string cheese, which I think would have been cool. It's an Adult Small, and only slightly big on him....

Oh, I found it. Here is the very very scary Cheesehead site!

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